2011 FeiJiaCun International Art Exchange Exhibition
Opening Reception: Sunday, Nov. 20. 3pm
Add: Nova Art Coordinates, Feijiacun Shangri-la Art Community,
LaiGuangYing DongLu, Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-8470 1770

Red Gate Residency and The Nova Art Space have the pleasure to announce the opening of Intersection – 2011 FeiJiaCun International Art Exchange Exhibition. The Exhibition is located at the Nova Art Space, in FeiJiaCun, and will be on view November 20-24, 2011.
Intersection will present artwork from 16 artists; eight international artists from the Red Gate Residency Program juxtaposed with eight Chinese artists who are living and working in the FeiJiaCun Art Village.
Please join us for the Opening Reception, Sunday November 20, 3pm.

Participating Artists::

Anne Zwiener (Austria), Giancarlo Norese (Italy), Andreas Zingerle (Austria), Linda Kronman(Finland), Nikki Schiro (USA), James Whitington (Australia), Kate Downie (UK), Anne Graham (Australia)
A Hai, Chang Xugong, Cui Guotai, Huang Yin, Liu Yan, Li Xinhui, Tong Zhengang, Xia

Curated by     Li Xinhui   Nikki Schiro