Toolkit Festival 2013

Toolkit Festival 2013
Venice, Italy, May 9-10-11, 2013
International Open Call 
Deadline: January 21, 2013

 Toolkit Festival is back. After the success of the two previous editions (Venice, Italy, 2011-2012), the committee has decided to promote an international call to determinate the participation of artists for the 2013 edition. Toolkit Festival will be held once again in Venice, Italy, on May 9-10-11, 2013.
Toolkit Festival is dedicate to interactive and multimedia art and has been conceived by Martin Romeo. It gained attention and success within the national artistic community in a short lapse of time, involving numerous institutions and professional artists in the field of New Media Art.
The title for the edition of Toolkit Festival 2013 is Contemplative Pathways: the goal is to give a global point of view, to show a vision of what occurs in the same time as performer and observer in the interactive area. The observer is invited to create with his own presence , to inhibit his view on the comprehension of singular elements.

The participation is free and open to artists of every nationality of age between 20 and 35 years old.

The deadline for the subscription is January  21st 2013.

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